Pecan Pie Mini Muffins

This is one of my most asked for recipes. Who knew that  three simple ingredients could make something so amazing! It’s a sweet treat that keeps you coming back for more…ok, one more…and then just… one.. more!

Here’s an idea…

MAKE IT A MUFFIN MIX: Follow the recipe instructions for packaging the dry ingredients in a sealable bag or container and stock your pantry shelf with several of to prepare quickly for a variety of occasions.

  • Need to bring an item to a pot luck…these are fast, easy and will be the hit of the buffet line!
  • Is there a teacher you need to thank?  Deliver a plate of these at the start of the school day and she’ll greet you with a smile when school is out!
  • After school treat!  Kids love these.
  • Need a dessert dish? These cross the dessert / muffin barrier.  They go both ways!


Jar the dry ingredients and gift it with a hand written recipe card (or print the one above). 
Make it look nice by layering the dry ingredients with brown sugar on the bottom and the pecans as the final layer on top.